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Bullants V Box Hill
The Bullants recorded their eighth home win for the season with a 88 point demolition of Box Hill. Chambers, Young, Sporn, Harford and Bannister had the ball on a string as the shellshocked Hawks took a back seat for the second time this season against the Bullants. After losing to the Bullants by 146 points in Round Five, the Hawks worst fears were realised early when the Bullants piled on 11.3 to 0.0 in an awesome first quarter display. The Bullants need only to defeat 12th placed Bendigo [Round 19] to finish with a perfect home ground record for the first time in the club's history. Shoulder injuries to Josh Kennedy and Josh Vansittart were the only concerns to come out of the game for the Bullants. Kennedy landed akwardly after being crushed by team-mate Adrian Deluca in a marking contest. In alot of pain, Kennedy didn't return to the bench after the second quarter incident, while Vansittart took a heavy knock in the same quarter whilst running with the flight of the ball. With the result in no doubt Vansittart wasn't risked, although it appeared he could have come back if needed. The Bullants best for the second week in a row, Callum Chambers [6 Goals] may have earnt a last chance crack at AFL level although Carlton haven't made many changes recently and Chambers does appear to have his papers stamped 'no return'. The Bullants travel to Nth Ballarat next week in what shapes as a danger game. The trip to Ballarat has been a bit of curse for the Bullants, winning there only once in 2001. And even that was cursed as it was a televised game that didn't get to air due to the ABC having technical difficulties.
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Did Damian Christiensen have another tantrum in the coaches box like he did against Frankston the previous week ? I would love to have heard his quarter time speach. A bit of a danger game for Preston this week at North Ballarat. The roosters have been playing ok during the last couple of weeks.
Ballarat must be the ground where the Bullants perform worst.
With a couple of injuries to the bullants you would have to give the roosters a bit of a sniff.