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Barry Mitchell and Pagan
Sounds like things are very rocky between the two coaches. How will it affect Preston during the season? Bartlett on SEN interviewed (Malouf?) the club who confirmed they weren't even working in the same offices at Princes Park.
Not much contact between them, offices on different sides of the ground: not a great thing at all and one that needs a solution.
Talking about the Bullants, what are everyone's thoughts on Iacobucci signing with them?
Mitchell lasted longer than Pagan. Given the hard time the old man gave the Bullants in the past five years I'm not sure there is any love lost over his sacking.
I'm tipping Mitch will be smiling this arvo
He might be smiling but he still missed his only chance to coach an AFL club. He will not be considered for the current vacancies. Still its good to see grupy guts getting the flick
I think the only person not smiling from this decision was Pagan himself. Having he and Mitchell not talking to each other was an embarrassment of the highest order, let alone the actual daily ramifications. :roll: