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Tassie's VFL Team Members
Does any 1 disagree wid the ppl that have been picked in the VFL team?
Interesting question, not sure why you are asking it? Maybe you don't agree with who got picked? Noone could argue with Ben Atkin being picked, he has had three best on grounds and a couple not far off it this year. Surely he's one of the in form players in the competition, has a decent work rate, inside player and can play in various positions. Trent Bartlett is probably one of the best ruck options the VFL has, I see thats the position they have named him in. So he deserves to be in there. I'm not so sure about Ben Beams being picked, guess he will play forward pocket in the team. 14 goals this year from 10 games, don't know much else about his form this year, I have only seen the Devils one TV game. I thought he was a decent player when he was at Melbourne, aside from being very left sided. But maybe his performance in the last state game helped get him over the line? I think Matthew Jovanovic is injured isn't he?