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Lack of ruckman
I was disappointed today with Tassie's lack of a quality ruckman. Savage is a key defender and Kirk looks better up forward and pinch hitting in the ruck. What happened to Brad Lang and would they have contacted Simon Taylor again yet ?
Pretty sure Simon Taylor's main reason of coming to the mainland was due to a uni course or similar, so I doubt he'll want to move back anytime soon.
The VFL in general lacks quality ruckmen on VFL lists. It's disappointing. I don't know a lot about Tassie, but it's a shame Trent Bartlett didn't ruck the other day even for a short period when they needed it. I'm sure Blight or Savage could have been pushed forward, just a shuffle up of their talls. Brad Lang missed a few games mid year with a shoulder problem, I'm not sure if thats still a problem.