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Derbyshire quits, rumours Koulouriotis sacked
Devils key forward and leading goal kicker Adam Derbyshire has announced he will not be able to play for the Devils due to new work commitments. Derbyshire will instead will play for NTFL club Launceston. Also coach Darren Creswell denied rumours ex Geelong player Paul Koulouriotis has been sacked stating he is still contracted player …. Is the Devil's season fallling apart (again) all readey?
Worrying signs, i'm yet to hear too many signings, what were the reasons behind Koulouriotis apparent 'sacking' How are the younger blokes going down there? and how much emphasis is being placed on their development?
They would do very well to try and pick up a coach who can coach. Maybe get back the one that they had before they had a brain fade and called North Melbourne over.
Derbyshire is a huge loss for the Devils, especially on top of Matthew Drury & Tim Mohr. North Ballarat duo Lachlan George & Justin Hardy have signed on though.
The bloke can not coach and is a poor communicator.Also he is rude as well.Tas will go no where with him.
I quite enjoy seeing the Devils fall apart. I don't want them to have any success. I wanted them to join the SANFL anyway. They can't even get running a VFL team right, yet they want an AFL team down there. Tell em they're dreamin!!!!!
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I liked travelling down there when they had a big following a few years back Port played a couple of great games down there, including that Semi-Final... The drew about 10,000 to that game. I don't mind the Devils playing in the VFL.. But their playing list is a bit of a concern thats for sure.


I think the VFL needs a strong Tasmania to help build a bit of interest, the last thing the VFL needed was Tassie going to the SANFL. They need a solid showing this season to give supporters some hope, then build on it, it's no good chopping and changing, they've got at least 5 years we know that, hopefully it's a smooth 5 years and they don't just self destruct...
This is always interesting - the discussion on where the Devils are and going. What is your problem with them Footyman (who do you support)? The Devils are not the 'bigboys in town'! The majority of Tasmanias players are drafted or head to SA for dollars. The AFL should subsidise TAS more than the piddly amount it receives at the moment..the idea of the Devils is a pathway and gives Tasmanians like me a team to support besides pseudo ones that we have in the AFL - usually based on the amount of Tasmanians playing or connections (Hudson, Baldock, Lynch, Eade etc). The amount of players exported from Tas for the population has been phenomenal When the Devils stabilise and win a few games they will get above 10 000 at their games. Part of stabilising is having a base in Hobart instead of being spread throughout the state. The Devils have recruited: Lachie George and Justin Hardy from N Ballarat Tim and Simon Plummer from Bendigo Tim Hazell and Tom Langord from Port Tim Bongetti Mooney from ACT Heath Neville delisted from Melbourne Josh Vearing from Queensland Along with returns of Setchell, Drury, Rowan Andrews and a couple of other locals - combined with Cameron Thurley, Koulouritis, Geappen, Cairns they were looking OK with Derbyshire - he is a big loss. What Cresswell is like is yet to be seen (time will show us). He does come across as very straight up and down and this can have its positives and negatives. The Devils have decided to have a base in Hobart instead of having three regionals centres - this makes sense. As Cresswell said it doesn't matter if it is in Launceston (where all the AFL games are played) or Hobart in needed to happen for consistency of training etc. I strongly believe that the VFL is good for the Devils and Devils are good for the VFL. Stop with the negative stuff!! Love watching the VFL as it is a great standard and has great tradition - hope that the Devils gain become part of that tradition. I am looking forward to the season ahead - take my family along and catch up with friends at the games - they are great days!! Lets support the VFL as a whole and not be petty about one club or another!!
Further to Icemans earlier comment on how the younger blokes are going - i think it was 5 guys: Bellchambers Moles Joseph A Grima and Tom Collier who ended up being drafted through the rookie list and other draft - that is not a bad result If you look at guys like Simon Taylor, Grant Birchall (Hawthorn), Sam Fielding, Tom Hislop, Jack Riewoldt etc who have recently come from the Devils - they are definetly having a few gone to the AFL from the Devils. I take the point from Iceman that the young guys are what the VFL clubs should gauge themselve on - the player the Devils have recruited all look like they could end up being drafted (young and have just missed out). The sign of a club should be how they develop these guys - Bongetti should be a interesting case - bit of pressure now that Derbyshire is not about
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:D Sandringham Football Club have found over the past 8 seasons that the trip to Tassie is a real feature of our season and all officals ,players and support staff plus supporters have always had a great time there,win lose or draw. The Devils officials always make us welcome and generaly all the people around the club are happy to see Sandy when we play there,be it Launceston or Hobart. The facilities are first class at both grounds and Sandy look forward to playing there again this season. Most important I and a few others have developed a taste for Tassie beer. So mote it be. go zebs zebra :wink: