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Question for Tassy Devils fans
Since returning to being a stand-alone side, how has the level of support been? Has Newspaper coverage changed at all? Are you expecting crowd numbers to increase close to the 10,000 mark that they got to prior to the alignment?
I can't speak for Northern Tasmania but from Hobart I say there is about the same amount of media coverage of the Devils (about 1 or 2 items on the news and 4 to 6 pieces in the Mercury per week.) as for the crowed I guess we see on Saturday but i think they get about 3000 which is about average before the Kangaroos came. They only ever got 10000 for finals matches. The most for a regular season match would of been about 8000.
Yep I agree with what Thylacine says 3000 is a good prediction - will take a few wins to get back the the 10 000 level (this was in a final) but being stand alone will definetely bring people back Looking forward to the game on Saturday