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A Final 6?
Having 8 of the 13 teams playing off in the finals is top heavy. Perhaps there should only be a final 6. What are other people's thoughts?
Agree 100% its just plain silly to have a final 8 with only 13 teams in the comp.
Was almost a bit embarrassed about box hill making the finals last year. To have lost so many more games than you've won and yet still make the finals is something that if rectified to a 5 or 6 could give the comp more credibilty. I think the 8 in the afl is too much, let alone this comp!
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Agree.......Final 6....or even final 5.......8 is silly...coming 8th is hardly anything to shout about...

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Final 6 is ok. but not any less as teams may loose early games and finish winning but not able to get into the finals later in season. go zebs zebra.
So! That's bad footy. It's about consistency over the whole season! 4 points in round 1 is still 4 points in round 18!
Absolute insanity that the Devils can play as badly as they did in 2006, and still be able to make the finals with a game or 2 left. Final FIVE!!! Best finals system ever invented in any sport anywhere in the get what you deserve with this one...
Agree Final Six, the scorps lost something like 12 straight and if had of won the last couple would have made it!
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Seems strange to have more teams in the finals that out. Definately 5 or 6
Final 8 = more games,more games more spectators,more spectators more money,more money stronger the comp financially.
Nah...just have a final 5, and allow every Victorian team to sell its home game to the Devils, as well as any final the Devils play...18 straight games in Tassie, all on the ABC...VFA will be rolling in it...