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Shepley Oval- historical article
Onslaught- you might want to move this to thread to the Dandenong FC history site. Shepley Oval (previously Dandenong Park) Shepley Oval is named after Harry Shepley, who was an excellent sporting administrator and also an excellent business administrator since he arrived at the age of 31 to manage a factory. The area of Dandenong Park, now known as Shepley Oval was set aside as crown land for recreational purposes in 1881, and by 1976 was owned by council with the ability to grant leases. A grandstand was opened on 1 May 1959. Dandenong’s major sporting teams played on it from 1881 until the early 1900s when the showgrounds at the current produce market were development and returned to it after the showgrounds were relocated to Greaves Reserve and new council offices were planned at the old showgrounds. Among the early teams was a women’s cricket team, the “Sunflowers”. It seems as though the naming occurred in the 50s, probably just after Harry’s death. In 1957 a pair of gates that had been removed from the Springvale Crematorium were purchased and installed at Shepley oval. Perhaps most famously, the powerful Dandenong VFA team, known as the Dandies and later as the Redlegs won several premierships there. from the City of Dandenong website regarding Shepley Oval's history
I played school footy at what later became Shepley Oval in the 1950s there were about 4 ovals of various sizes at the that time in the area. All were cow paddock bog holes in the winter months and even Shepley wasnt much better later on..
I was never a big wrap for dandenong myself. But how cool would it be to see some of the hideous afl reserves playing down that way. They would bloody hate it !
Come on Foz, it is still AFL approved ground, wish we were still in the good old days of standing on the hill with a 750 in hand and yelling at Cookey, Vergona, Cleary, Giles and every other mug that played against the Redlegs. Then off to the tin shed after the game to talk to all players that ventured in and then stagger home at 2am monday morning. Yep, those were the days.