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North Ballarat coach
Gerard Fitzgerald is back as coach of North Ballarat Roosters. Two-year appointment apparently....
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Damn! Beaten to the punch, I was just about to post a rumour on this very subject. Excellent appointement, Fitzy is a terrific coach. I was surprised to see him named, as I thought he said that he wanted to focus on the U18 development side of things.


I think he always wanted to get back into the senior role up there. Apparently they put out a media statement saying his work in the Under 18 system with the Rebels and his senior background made him the ideal man for the job.
Fantastic appointment for the club. A very coach coach at senior level,a well respected man from the township,what better person to have than a local that has put together a very good coaching resume over the last dozen years or so. May not get them to a flag,because of the list and turnovers,but finals is a possibilty again and not to mention he has worked with the roos before when at Port.
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A very good person as well as a good coach and hope he enjoys the success he deserves. Good luck Fitzy. Go zebs zebra :D