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This is the Fixture for Week 1 of the VFL Finals Series [b]SATURDAY AUGUST 28[/b] [u]NORTHPORT OVAL[/u] VFL RESERVES ELIMINATION FINAL Williamstown vs Werribee 10:50am VFL 2nd QUALIFYING FINAL Sandringham vs Werribee 1:40pm [u]BOX HILL CITY OVAL[/u] VFL 2nd ELIMINATION FINAL Coburg Tigers vs Box Hill Hawks 2:00pm [u]YORK PARK[/u] VFL 1st ELIMINATION FINAL Tasmania vs Bendigo Bombers 6:30pm [b]SUNDAY AUGUST 29[/b] [u]NORTHPORT OVAL[/u] VFL RESERVES QUALIFYING FINAL Sandringham vs North Ballarat 10:20am VFL 1st QUALIFYING FINAL Port Melbourne vs North Ballarat 1:10pm
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Given all of the possible scenarios in this weekends matches, the ladder remained the same as it was at the end of Round 19. Coburg and Tassie choked badly when they had a double chance up for grabs, they could well end up being knocked straight out next week. York Park will need to give the Devils a really big advantage to turn around the margin they were beaten by today. I think it’s the third time Box Hill have been given that final at their home. It’s great they draw decent crowds, but so do a lot of other clubs and its probably time that they were given the chance to play a showcase finals match on their home ground too.
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Surprised we got a home final, but I'm not complaining. Seems a bit unfair to me, but Coburg haven't been drawing the crowds, and I guess it's reward for Box Hill doing such a good job at getting the punters in. I think Bendigo will upset Tassie, and Port will thrash Ballarat. The other two games will be interesting, unsure who will win out of Sandy and Werribee. If Werribee lose and Box Hill defeat Coburg another Mustangs v Bees final is on the cards!
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[quote="GOALdenHawk"] If Werribee lose and Box Hill defeat Coburg another Mustangs v Bees final is on the cards![/quote] Fancy the Bees being beaten that day last year - and by bloody Hawks reject David Loats taking a mark!!!
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I think Box Hill will beat Coburg. Home ground is a big advantage for Box Hill and they go into the finals playing more like a top 4 side. The VFL probably decided that Coburg's ground wasn't up to hosting a final with the stand out of action. Also some grounds are booked for suburban finals this may be the case at Coburg. Port Melbourne to beat Nth Ballarat rather easily. Ballarat would need a very wet day to trouble Port. Despite last weeks result I think Tasmainia will defeat Bendigo. The Bombers are a hard team to pick and wouldn't be surprised if Tassie really fire up at home. Sandringham v Werribee looks like being the pick of the finals. Thought Werribee would win the flag early in the season but then their mid-season form was average. Either side wouldn't surprise.