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Finals weather
With the forecast for hail on Saturday and rain on Sunday, this has all the hallmarks of upsets happening. Once the game becomes a slog, a lucky bounce etc..the ball skidding the wrong way...the skill level drops dramatically and it becomes a great leveller. Sandy play a lot better in the drier conditions.. Must admit to being a tad worried... And I reckon the conditions will suit Box Hill a lot more than Port... GO ZEBS
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Rain...hail.......snow.....SNOW ! Footy's a winter sport , I'm ok about packing the raincoat and gumboots but I draw the line at chains !!!!! Sheesh. In all seriousness , we all have to play in the same conditions and while there's a sense of the weather being a leveller I still think the side with the better skills will still be the side with the better skills.....does that make sense ? Pacy sides are maybe brought back a little but guys with good hands , footy brains etc also come to the fore in bad weather. The biggest loser is the spectacle of Finals footy. Whilst dinosaurs like me still love to witness the contest itself , it wont do much for the crowds.
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[quote="zebraman"] And I reckon the conditions will suit Box Hill a lot more than Port... [/quote] Hoping so! Guys like Ball, Height, Bailey, Picioane and Neagle should enjoy the weather. Hope they remember the game vs Geelong earlier in the year. Already have Tonsilitis, may as well get hypothermia, pneumonia and frost bite to boot. 8O
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It looks ok so far (at least it does here in Yarraville). Hopefully the BoM got it wrong. Its a bit of a shame that it probably will still be a rain affected game, as I think they could have got a pretty big crowd to todays game.


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