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Reserves rule needs to be changed.
The rule that allows a side to field AFL listed players left out of the seniors because of the 12/10 rule needs to be changed. The competition gets nothing out of having lopsided grand finals, which looks likely on Sunday now that Port Melbourne will be fielding 5 North Melbourne players that otherwise wouldn't have qualified for the final.
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I agree! It is absolutely no different to the argument used about Williamstown last year in the seniors...why should blokes who don't earn the spot in the Grand Final during the season be allowed to walk up and play in the big one? There will be four or five very disappointed Borough listed players this week who did the hard yards to get into the Reserves Grand Final, but to miss out on the highlight of their life because a couple of Kangaroos players are being given a game. But for a club like Port Melbourne who crow all day and all night long about how independent they are - you wonder why they couldn't dig the heels in and say no to a few of the Kangaroos players being given a game.
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Well Port have been one of the major clubs to argue in favour of a 12/10 rule, so perhaps its a compromise. I have to agree that any player, be they on an AFL or VFL list, should have to play 7 VFL reserves games to qualify for VFL reserve finals. Its the same situation that affected the VFL Senior Grand Final last year. Hopefully the rules will be tightened next year.


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