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TAC CUP Grand Final Calder Cannons vs Eastern Ranges
Calder Cannons 5-4-34 7-14-56 13-19-97 19-20-134 Eastern Ranges 4-2-26 4-2-26 5-8-38 9-10-64 GOALS:[b]Calder[/b] Little 4, May 3, Betts 3, Jolley 2, Dunn 2, Barling, Bowes, Farrelly, Ezard, Maric. [b]Eastern[/b] Wilson 3, Bate 2, Hill 2, Knights, Kelly. TAC MEDALIST(Best on Ground): Jessie D Smith (Calder) It was a even 1st quarter with Calder leading by 8 pts at Quarter Time. But despite kicking 2-10 to 0-0 in the 2nd Quarter, Calder were dominate from there on to win by 70 pts and take Back to Back premierships. Jessie D Smith was cleary best on ground.
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Terrific effort from Calder again. But for Calder's dominance, Coburg have nothing to show. Have the Tigers done a poor job in getting Cannons to follow on, or do they miss out on the quality players cos of the numbers Calder have drafted? I reckon a bit of both. You'd hope Coburg take advantage for next year, given the number of top age Calder players this year and not all of them will be drafted.