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Werribee vs Preston
This is one of the best games of the season. Bullants were up by 46 at 3/4 time and Werribee come out and win by 3 points! Unbelievable!
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Will write more during week, but great game of footy that was as close to AFL standard as you can get. When the dust settles the Bullants shouldn't be too shattered with the result although I'm sure many will doubt whether they can win the premiership. If the Bullants do have a deficency it is a lack of leg speed and that can show up late in a game. It certainly did today and against Box Hill earlier in the season. Today's game was reflective of the Bullants season , whcih has seen them get great starts, followed by second term lulls, thump sides in the third term and wobbled to the line. Come the second week of the finals the Bullants will field a more balanced side, which may help them hold off fast finishing opponents. Werribee has the best VFL list, Hassan and O'Sullivan were terrific in the final term and Podsiadly chipped in with three goals. Nonetheless todays result means that the Bullants and Sandringham will get to each other pretty well over the next two weeks.
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Sensational footy. You can argue for a month of wet Sundays about HOW the VFL should be run (AFL ressies/back to the VFA/something in between) but when that sort of footy is on show , the future is pretty safe. Sal Hassan and Pods must be close to the two most valuable players in the comp leading into the finals. Really good to watch , especially for the neutral supporter.
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Went to the game today, very exciting. Looking forward to watching the tape, just to hear how excited Phil must have gotten! But seriously, really good day out at Preston, Bullants may have heaps of carlton players, but i could only recognise 2-3 of them, so it doesn't feel so carlton orientated. O'Sullivan was great, and Hassan made even the simple chest marks into spectacular leaps and juggles. Really good game, i'm just crapping on, just wanted to share what a good game it was. Come on Stangas tomorrow!!!!!!!!