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Ezra Poyas
Is Ezra Poyas worth another chance in the draft ? Josh Mahoney part 2 ?? Poyas has been outstanding and his game on Saturday was sensational. If Sportsbet are betting on the Norm Goss Medalist get on Poyas. How old is Poyas ? 25 maybe, then I think he is worth a punt in the draft. He has matured and is playing better than ever. There is plenty of worse players than Poyas running around in the AFL. That is of course if he nominates for the draft. Patrick Rose from Williamstown is also worth a punt. He played a pearler yesterday and has been improving with every game. He could be a smoky in the draft. Any other draft choices from left field ??
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Ezra Poyas has had 2 stints at AFL Clubs....but going on his current form...maybe a 3rd crack isn't out of the question....he's certainly showed up a few AFL players this year Still love to see him stay at Sandy though...pretty handy for a guy to ring up the club 1/2 way through last season asking if he could have a run....

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Rumour on Saturday afternoon was the Poyas was headed to AJAX next year.
heard that West Adelaide is having a big smack at him (and about 10 other VFL players!)
[quote="theobserver"]heard that West Adelaide is having a big smack at him (and about 10 other VFL players!)[/quote] Your on the money again. They have spent more time in Melbourne recently than people who live here.
BIG money to spend ... the SANFL salary cap is going up again. It's going to create pressure on the VFL lsists, that's for sure. I hear West Adelaide is pretty sold on Ross Young.
I really do hope something can be done to ensure all the VFL players are not pouched by SANFL or WAFL clubs, Peter Saultry has asked for the salary cap to be increased if I remember correctly.