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Northern Bullants Website

Hasnt been updated for months, anybody know whats going on??

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Not sure but this is on the front page

Preston will be wearing the old guernsey in the game against Collingwood.


The NAB Northern Bullants will be hosting its Past Players Day on Sunday August 2 at NAB Oval Preston.

To commemorate the occasion, the senior team will be wearing a Heritage Guernsey with the old 'PFC' replacing the Bullant. The 'PFC' of course stands for the Preston Football Club. The guernsey will form just a small token of the club's respect for its past whilst also demonstrating the club's position as one of the great Preston icons.

This 2009 season marks a unique year as the club, formerly known as the Preston Bullants, celebrates its 40-year and 25-year celebration of the 1969 and 1984 Premiership wins and also it marks the 20-year anniversary of the 1989 Thirds Premiership win.

The senior match will be a clash between the Bullants and Collingwood's VFL side. The clash throwing up its own piece of history as Preston was in the past Collingwood's zoning area thus resulting in Preston greats of the past Laurie Hill, Ray Shaw and much more representing Collingwood.

All supporters will be invited to attend an aftermatch function in the Preston Football Club Social Club where we will further celebrate our past players and provide supporters with the opportunity to bid for the heritage guernseys worn on the day.

Please stay tuned for regular profiles of past greats of this club in the weeks leading up to the big event.



Fair point vfa.

The results and newsletter havent been updated since May. And the "next match" info on the home page is blank.