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Seniors Second Preliminary Final - North Ballarat vs. Box Hill Hawks (ABC TV, VFLRadio, SEN1116)

Sunday 12th September
Box Hill City Oval, Box Hill at 2:10 PM

North Ballarat
B Greig Moloney Sharkey
HB White Tyler Richardson
C Couch Peters Clifton
HF Micallef J. Smith Norris
F C. Jones Hale Dinnell
R Stephenson Sewell Feery
Int W. Benjamin Tate McKenzie
  Delaney Driscoll Lynch
  C. Benjamin I. Smith
Box Hill Hawks
B Savage Muston Breust
HB Kayler-Thomson Morton J. Hoegel
C Schoenmakers Moss S. Gibson
HF Fagan Kenna Lowden
F Shiels Pedersen Suckling
R Campbell Lisle Milne
Int Thompson Cass Mirra
  Kiel Jackson Dowler
  Duryea Neil

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Forecast for Sunday

Mostly sunny. Winds north to northwesterly averaging up to 40 km/h becoming northwesterly up to 50 km/h during the morning.



Min 11
Max 18


well the roosters have to go to,hawkland,or is it boxhill,hook and co have no idea how to run the league,a planwould be to easy,just another nail in the coffin for our league,look at this ,no sponsor what is it now 3 years,programme if you call it that,thats for starters,the publicity we get is nothing short of pathetic,for the 2nd tier of footy,are they trying to foster the league or kill it.The reserves comp is a dogs breakfast some have teams some dont,the afl dont help but all of a sudden ,they realize their is some very good footballers in the league.The result in Perth showed that.Congrats to all at the roosters ,Cliffo&Fitzie&and the boys in the team of the year.It has always been a hard row for us ,since coming into the league,but we have shown that the roosters deserve to be where we are,bring it on ,at Box Hill on sunday,and hope we win and get a crack at 3 in a row.And well done to spider on becoming a life member,tremendous effort.


Well i guess Hook and Schwab are happy for the Roosters to have the Box Hill rooms Sunday as the Roosters are the home team ? :O


The game will also be broadcast on SEN 1116.

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As Sewell kicks a goal at the 27th minute mark of the 3rd it could get ugly at Box Hill with the scores North Ballarat 86 to Box Hill 33.


Three Quarter Time
North Ballarat 12-15(87)
Box Hill 3-15(33)


Three Quarter Time
North Ballarat 12-15(87)
Box Hill 3-15(33)

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So it's s grand final replay of 2009.



Final Score
North Ballarat 16-18(114)
Box Hill 6-17(53)

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North Ballarat 3.4 8.8 12.15 16.18 (114)
Box Hill Hawks 2.8 3.11 3.15 6.17 (53)

North Ballarat: Hale 4 Peters 2 Driscoll 2 Smith Sewell Tyler Smith Feery Jones Richardson Clifton
Box Hill Hawks: Lisle Hoegel Kenna Pedersen Lowden Savage

North Ballarat: Hale Clifton Jones White Sewell Tyler
Box Hill Hawks: Milne Muston Lisle Schoenmakers Shiels Suckling

North Ballarat: Nil
Box Hill Hawks: Nil