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New North Eastern League/Conference
Slammin Sammy Says

Purely by the number of teams in each comp this works better for the ACT than for Queensland. If the QAFL stick with the 18 rounds they had this year they will end up with an un-even fixture due to the cross-over games. But the AFL love an un-even fixture!

I will wait to see how this point works exactly

There will be increased AFL club content in each market, as AFL clubs will play each other seven times during the season (five times in their own state and two games interstate)

And the NEAFL premier can play in the state league knockout comp in 2012!

Slammin Sammy Says

Thanks dale!


Well i guess this answers my question about where GWS is playing in 2011.

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The comp actually seems a pretty good concept. Perhaps something similar could happen down here with the TSL and VFL. Merge the VFL with the TSL and form the South East Australian Football League (SEAFL). In the SEAFL we could have a Victorian Conference made up of the VFL teams and a Tasmanian Conference made up of the TSL teams. Have some interconference games during the year. The Victorian Conference and the Tasmainian Conference would have their own finals series and grand final. Then the SEAFL premiership would be decided between the premiers of the Victorian Conference and the Tasmanian Conference.

Slammin Sammy Says

This would fit in well with JB's North Melbouren VFL team & Tassie home games ideas

Slammin Sammy Says

Just thinking outside the square, this conference system could be applied to the VFL

1 conference could have all the old VFA teams (10 teams) and be called VFA

The other conference could have all the Victorian AFL reserves teams and be called something like Rookie League/Conference. It would need a few more AFL reserves teams fielding sides, probably need at least 6 and could include all Vic AFL reserves and even SA AFL reserves (I've heard rumblings about Power and Crows wanting there own reserves teams)

Have some interconference games and each conference have its own finals and grand final then a VFL grand final for the conference winners