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Whitehorse rd
Balakis; Coburg will survive.

THE Coburg Football Club is steadfast that it can stand its own two feet should its alliance with Richmond eventually cease.

"We will survive," president Bill Balakis said.

"I think given the support we have and the sponsorship we have, we know it'll be a tough gig, but we will survive.

"I don't know what the long-term vision is of the AFL but I do think if we as a football club were to stand alone we would endeavour to survive. The history of the club has been up and down but I have no doubt in my mind it will survive."

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick inadvertently poured oil on the fire when he revealed to the media the AFL Tigers planned to ditch their alignment with Coburg and field a stand-alone side in the VFL.

AFL clubs can sever alignments at the end of the 2011 season and Richmond, which wants to raise $6 million from its fans in search of an 11th premiership, is the first to publicly declare it wants out

He said the club would consider all options when Richmond ditched the affiliation, but pointed out that was not across the line yet. "I don't know when they're going to go, what if they don't pick up their $6 million?

"I've spoken with Richmond president (Gary March) and he's not quite sure when that could be."

Balakis admitted he was "very much surprised" at Hardwick's comments that Richmond wanted out of the partnership.

"I was definitely taking aback ... but the affiliation is pretty good, the comments won't affect the alignment (this year)."


Thats great news for Coburg, no one wants to see any teams fold.

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Simple for Coburg, align themselves with the Coburg Fitzroy Lions as they did in 2000 and get all the old roy boys involved. It can't hurt that's for sure.


vfa i would suggest that with the recent Fitzroy Reda and FFC merger any tie with Coburg would be a low priority from FFC point of view, that would only dilute and feeling they got from the merger.

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Maybe, but I know many old Fitzroy supporters and they would follow Coburg if they had a similar arrangement as they did in 2000 season. Some have a small liking to Brisbane, some hate Brisbane, some even had afl. I know some that even gone further than that and have spat completely with Aussie rules and follow rugby and soccer. Very sad but true.
Your are probably right as they are full on with the old University Reds. If it did not impede the Reds in any way they could go for Coburg. See what happens but I think the Richmond and Coburg combination will stay next year as well. In 2013 ?? who knows. I think Coburg have improved their off field side of it in the last couple of years. It is a big gig to stand alone and the burgers may need a pub like the seagulls in Newport or Port's Rex Hotel. There has been far too many VFA SIDES FALL OVER and I would like all the current old vfa clubs to survive.

Whitehorse rd

Like the confidence and vision at Coburg.

Coburg Football Club MEDIA RELEASE

Coburg faithful urged to get on board for Season 2011

The Coburg Football Club enters Season 2011 with a renewed sense of hope and optimism following a very successful preseason and better than expected financial result in 2010.
“With over seventy players vying for a place on the list, competition for spots has been fierce and we certainly believe finals football is a distinct possibility for us this year,” President Bill Balakis said today.

Senior Coach Adam Potter and his coaching staff continue to establish a strong and competitive team whilst off-field success and stabilising the Club remains a key priority for the Board.

The Coburg Football Club is about to embark one of the most intensive sponsorship drives in its history and I urge all businesses in our municipality to consider being part of this exciting growth phase. The Board has committed to several key strategies to ensure our long term success,” he said.

“Firstly we will play a pivotal role in partnering the Moreland City Council in redeveloping the Coburg City Oval so that it becomes more than just a football ground. In early March, we will move into our new administration base alongside the Coburg Cricket Club and the Victorian Women’s Football League at the Coburg City Oval and we look forward to sharing our iconic venue with the Moreland community well into the future.

Mayor, Cr. Oscar Yildiz, JP also confirmed the importance of the redevelopment of
Coburg City Oval stating “The master plan for Coburg City Oval is a crucial part of the
2020 Coburg Initiative, which engages Council, the community and stakeholders like the
Coburg Football Club in helping revitalise the look and feel of our municipality.”

Mr. Balakis announced, “We have strengthened our commitment to widening our supporter base by playing four games at the Highgate Recreation Reserve in Craigieburn where we also operate the new Highgate Function Centre. This is an opportunity to drive new revenues for the Coburg Football Club that we have not had in the past.”

“Finally we will look at all possibilities as to how we can remain as the Coburg Football Club well into the future. Throughout this year, we will put some options to our members as to how we could potentially structure the Club into the future, however our vision is firmly fixed on staying and playing in a strong and vibrant VFL competition,” Mr. Balakis said.

Recent reports suggest that traditional “stand-alone” VFL clubs could struggle to remain viable and competitive in the future. Given the ever changing nature of how football clubs operate, the Coburg Football Club will continue to look at ways to secure its future and its members, players, staff and partners will be closely consulted when any future options are considered. The Club is also buoyed by the recent announcement by the Chairman of AFL Victoria Ltd, Mr. Peter Jackson, that a 2012-2014 strategic plan and funding model will soon be developed to create certainty and stability for the VFL competition.

“My board’s legacy is to hand the Coburg Football Club on to the next generation of players, members and partners in a financially viable position. Just as on-field success is vital in 2011, so is the board’s commitment to securing the future of the Club”.

“In partnership with the AFL, Moreland and Hume City Council, local Government, key partners and our young playing group, I urge all supporters and potential partners to join us in securing our future. We have unprecedented support from our key stakeholders and wonderful support from our two Councils. We will approach Season 2011 with a renewed focus to ensure the Coburg Football Club continues to play a vital role in our local community. I urge everyone associated with our Club to get on board”.

President Bill Balakis