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Video of Past VFA Games

I am slowly collecting a catelogue of VFA Grand Finals. So far I have the following:

1976 Division 2 Williamstown versus Mordialloc
1986 Division 1 Williamstown versus Coburg
1990 Williamstown versus Springvale
1993 Werribee versus Port Melbourne.

The ABC Network have Divison 1 Grand Finals dating back to 1980 and I believe to buy them from the ABC the cost is $165 per game.

The Grand Finals I have I will copy for VFA fans. Just contact me and let me know waht Grand Finals you want.



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$165 per game.

Tell them there Dreaming

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There's a number of VFA games now on Youtube, including the classic 1990 GF.

A user by the name of Gezza has been uploading it all.

Is Gezza our very own VFA incognito?

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StationHotel on this site may be able to help you.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I used to love watching the VFA after World of Sport had finished and all these years later still kick myself that I didn't record any matches when I didn't go to Sandy matches.

Does anyone have any full matches from the 1970s & 1980s (any team, any game) that I could get a copy of in DVD format. The best I can do as a swap is to offer WAFL Grand Final DVD's from a similar era in return (I live in WA now, and many clubs do have old premiership DVD's available). Interesting to watch some of these games as they include players of the calibre of the Krakouer brothers, Maurice Rioli, Brian Peake, Ron Alexander, Wayne Blackwell, Phil Narkle, etc who all went on to play in the VFL in the early to mid 80s.

PM me if you can help. I will be in Melbourne next weekend, so I may even get to catch up with one or two of you at a game whilst I am over.

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Welcome aboard the vfl footy site VFAzebraman. I have sent you a pm.

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Thanks vfa, I have responded to your pm.

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Greetings fellow posters, I haven't posted on this site for a few years but I do recall being able to get my hands on some H & A vfa games from the early 90s, I'm sorry to say but i've recently found out that a family member unwittingly threw the tapes out :( sad considering 2 of them were Oakleigh games that the Devils actually won!

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I'v got quite a large collection of old home and away and grand finals from the 1970s-present

Just a few days ago a prahran supporter helped me out with some gems that he bought from chan 10 during the 80s and the ABC during the 1990s which they don't have anymore.

1987 2nd Div Waverly v Prahran
1983 Grand Final Geelong West v Preston
1983 1st Semi Final Port v Sandy
1983 2nd Semi Final Preston v Geelong West
1983 Prelim Final Port v Geelong West
1978 Grand Final Prahran v Preston
1992 r16 Preston v Prahran
1992 r9 Prahran v Dandenong
1992 r17 Prahran v Werribee
1993 r16 Prahran v Werribee
1993 r17 Preston v Prahran
1992 r3 Prahran v Frankston
1992 r10 Port v Werribee-SVHS Master
1991 r12 Prahran v Williamstown-drawn match Brian Taylor sent off red card

1992 Qual Final extra time Williamstown v Prahran

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geez some rare finds there Station!! I used to have a few Prahran games too.. I loved the shed at Toorak Park and the characters that stood there. I fondly remember the last 2 games on that list - both at Port if i'm correct, decent crowds and the ground was a mudbath at the time.
At the moment i'm not looking for games but i'll keep them in mind for sure. I'm just really disappointed those videos of mine were thrown out.. I would've happily handed them to one of you guys to convert to DVD.

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Can you remember what games you had Pacman ?
What were the Oakleigh games you had as there is a fair chance I would have them.