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Yarraville Games

I am wondering if anyone has any footage of any Yarraville games from the VFA. My dad is a historian for Yarraville and I am helping him find any footage that might be out there.

At the moment the games we have are:

1953 Grand Final Port Melbourne Vs Yarraville Highlights

1979 Lightening Premiership (2 18 min half's)
Yarraville V Northcote Full Game
Yarraville V Caulfeild Full Game
Yarraville V Sandringham Second Half (Grand Final)

Going to try get these onto youtube soon.

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Welcome Warrick84,

I will be going to the Yarraville reunion next Friday August 10.
I am always on the lookout for any VFA games.
I haven't seen the Yarraville v Sandringham lightning premiership game.
I have the Yarraville games against Northcote and Caulfield which was the final.

The previous Yarraville reunion I went to I brought the copy of the 1953 GF and a guy who actually played for Yarraville spotted himself on the DVD.
Of course he got a copy of the game and he was elated that footage from so long ago was still around.

The two Yarraville Grand Finals in 1977 against Mordialloc and 1980 against Brunswick surely must be floating around somewhere. I have tried to locate a copies but no luck as yet. Someone from Brunswick might have a copy of the 1980 GF and I believe maybe Geoff Rosenow's wife or brother could have the 1977 GF. Geoff Rosenow who sadly passed away quite a few years ago was the Mordialloc captain coach in 1977. It being the Centenary year who knows the VFL has a hidden vault with records, annual reports and possibly film of quite a few VFA games. Would not surprise me one bit.

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My Dad is one of the ones organizing the reunion next week. It sounds like you were the one who gave him the dvd of the 53 grand final. We are making dvd copies of all 3 lightening premiership games and will have them at the reunion as well.

Would be great to see either of the 2 grand finals or any other games especially ones at Yarraville Oval. I never got to see Yarraville play in the VFA as they were kicked out of the VFA a few months before I was born.

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As Yarraville were back in second division in the early 70s the only channel 0 games televised would have been on the Saturday back in the days where both Saturday and Sunday televised VFA games on ATV0. They taped over many of their old tapes as well as throwing many out.
The 1961 Yarraville v Williamstown replay was shown on World of Sport as they showed highlights of the film of the Association Final as they described it back then.
I have sent the TV archive from channel 7 a scanned copy of the Sporting Globe and also requested any stock footage or film of games from the 61 final plus anything from 1970s to the 80s. There is still stuff in archives and they have some unmarked canisters of film.
I'll post what feedback I get next week.
Unfortunately I haven't got any footage of Yarraville playing at Yarraville Oval.
I have even got a game at Kilsyth on DVD in a game against Oakleigh but no Yarraville. You never know as there might be someone that taped 8mm of a Yarraville game. Quite possibly sitting in someone's garage.