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Phil Cleary returns to Coburg as director of football

As reported in today's Inside Football Phil Cleary returns to Coburg Football Club as Director of Football.



Really? that is a bit of a surprise but overall it's a good move. Hopefully some of Phil Cleary's passion will rub off on to a few people and they can set themselves up for a good crack at being a stand alone entity in 2014.


Well he needs a job i guess.



Well he needs a job i guess.


A job !!!
Football directors don't get paid.....Do they ??
Never in this part of the world I can assure you.

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Phil Cleary is Coburg through and through. Hopefully he can set the burgers on the right path as a standalone status from 2014. A lot of hard work but if anyone can get Coburg going Phil is the man.


Yep good luck to Phil

The VFL needs a strong standalone club in the North seeing that Preston is no more.


great move

no more richmond rubbish return to the lions and return to the old jumper.


Its seems like good news. He is passionate about his club (+ club legend) and if willing to put the hard yards in and promote them in the community. Only fear is that he would have been away from it for a while so may be better suited to the committee (I really dont know being so removed here in SA)

Phil Cleary one of the few VFA/VFL names that is known beyond the VFA/VFL community so it could give the LIONS the push they need.

Good luck Coburg - a strong Lions team can only be good for the VFA

Digs Footy Directors dont get paid in your neck of the woods? - its a way to beat the salary cap where I come from.

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Good luck Phil in your endeavor to help out Coburg to continue as a stand-alone club. A very passionate Coburg and old VFA person. Sick of these AFL clubs destroying history and passion of these old VFA clubs treating them like de facto reserves sides for their own use.

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Will this mean Mr Cleary's ABC tv commitment will be restricted to when Coburg is not playing at the same time as the telecast match?

On subject of "Inside Football", this must be the dearest newspaper in the world, yet it bungs another dollar on its price for the off season editions, which have only a tiny bit, if any, of VFL information. Many magazines, printed on much better quality paper than newsprint, are much cheaper than "IF". How does "IF" justify its great cost to readers?

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Terrific news for the Lions. Lets hope they have a surprisingly good season in 2013.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.