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I have been watching a few of the games which are replayed on Friday mornings at 2.30am.
The game between Wanderers v Southern Districts had five Motlops playing. Add the coach as well as 3 water carriers which equates to amazingly nine Motlops. Shannon Motlop is still running around. Southern Districts has Damian Cupido running around. Other notable players playing up north are Ricky Dyson, Dean Polo and Prismall. Commenators in Charlie Dixon, Adam Steer and Daniel Archer are quite good. One of the Motlops in Thomas Motlop is a gun as is a player called Jerry wilson. The have a break for xmas period. Definately worth a look if you want a footy fix over the non footy season.
The standard is not too bad in hot trying conditions. The televised games are at Marrara Oval in Darwin.

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Shannon Motlop got one of the greatest goals ever in the 2005 GF for Sandy against Werribee.....loved his time with Sandy...he really put in and was rewarded wit a premiership medal.

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Thomas Motlop can definately play. Fast lead, strong mark and great goal sense. Don't know much about his footy background but he sure can play. Some from the NTFL would easily make it not only the vfl but afl. Hardest would be the change in climates and lifestyle moving to the eastern states. Skill is no problems for some of the players running around in the NTFL. Shannon Motlop loved the long goals when he was running around in the vfl as well as afl. Noticed a player called Roy Kantilla in one of the sides. He would no doubt be related to the great David Kantilla who was a great in the SANFL for South Adelaide in the 60s. Alice Springs based Central Australia played a few games this season and will most likely be playing full time in the NTFL next season. They are currently in process of setting a team up which would be more than competitive in that league. They obviously will have to work out the funding but the signs are good. Northern Territory Thunder will again be part of the NEASL in 2013.

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NTFL Preliminary Final to be shown tomorrow morning at 2:30am on ABC1

NTFL Grand Final which is on at 8pm melb time on Saturday can be heard on ABC Grandstand website.
It will be shown on Friday 22nd March at 2:30am on ABC1

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Great thing about NTFL coverage is they always sneak a replay of a game from the past. Prelim final post match is a game between NTFL and Fremantle Dockers from 1995.

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They have also shown games including Sydney v NT, Collingwood v NT, Essendon v NT, Port Adelaide magpies v NT, some past NTFL Grand Finals. They do a great job with there telecast each week. St Marys play Tiwi Bombers in the GF this weekend.

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St Marys play Tiwi Bombers in the GF this weekend.

Was up late enough to catch a bit of Tiwi's prelim final against Wanderers. From what I saw I reckon this week's Grand Final could go either way.

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Tiwi Bombers can definatley beat St Mary's. Former box Hill player Kristian Height and former Tassie Devil and Werribee player Tim Bongetti play for the bombers. They have pace to burn and have great skill. Reckon they might sneak over the line in a close game.

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ST Mary's victors- anyone know ifit's going to be replayed on ABC?

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According to post #4 it will be.

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According to post #4 it will be.


Cobra my boy,
Are these games available on ABC Iview ???

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