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Gary Brice Interview R4 1997 vs Traralgon

Over the next few weeks leading up to the finals we are going deep into the archives to pull out some old interviews and classic matches from the old VFA and Current VFL Compition.

If you have a request Please forward it on

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Real historic stuff. The place is Traralgon -- two Rs.

The bit in between showed Traralgon v North Ballarat. Traralgon's only win against the Roosters was round 4, 1996, at Traralgon, so this must have been that match.( Roosters won the other three played between the teams.)

WIN tv covered a few VFL matches.


thanks cobra i was right the first time just didn't look right

WIN TV covered around 15 VFL Games 1996-2001

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Hi Station thanks love your work

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I have a request if possible station.
I would love to see a Fred cook interview post vfa if you may have anything.

If only ch 9 would do the country broadcasts again!

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Request .....Swanny's goal in the 1990 GF.
It will give the Borough Brigade an opportunity to remind us of his origins.

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What this? witches it many times.


Hey guys any chance of getting a re-up on this video? Thanks