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The thread formally about the AFLV DL 2nd Elimination Final Frankston vs Port Melbourne, now the future of the ressies :)

This match to be played at Northport Oval starts at 11am

Winner off this match to play Williamstown in 1st Preliminary Final

B Jennings Beech Tuddenham
HB Edwards Cunningham Newman
C Rolfe Bosward Cooper
HF Giobbi Boland Kennedy
F Matheson Farmer Clements
R Calvert Miller Williams
Int(from)Capiron Sutton Morrow
Sykes Gardiner Hill
Bailey Fox

B Papaleo Mascitti Macmillan
HB Gordon Hammond Plant
C T. Johnston Thornton Fieldsend
HF C. Johnston Valenti Burstin
F Allan Pitt Smith
R Perry Woods Ward
Int(from)Hayes Whelan Raru
Vearing Thoolen Hinkley
McMahon Woodley Gale


Port Melbourne 11-12(78) def Frankston 8-19(67)

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Dollies should have had this won at half time, really, but poor kicking left the door ajar for the Borough. Was a very good contest, and Frankston had plenty of support out there, too. Well done to both sides.

Go Borough!

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Frankston 3.6 7.12 8.16 8.19 (67)
Port Melbourne 1.5 3.7 8.10 11.12 (78)

Frankston: Cooper 3 Clements 2 Bosward Farmer Fox
Port Melbourne: Whelan 3 Hammond 3 Hayes Thornton Allan Pitt

Frankston: Cooper Matheson Beech Clements Rolfe Calvert


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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No 'Bests' provided by Port. I was overseas.. Who played well?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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All of them