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AFLV Development League 1st Elimination Final Casey Scorpions vs Northern Blues(Sun)

This game is being played at Northport Oval game starts at 11am.

Winner of this match to play Box Hill Hawks in 2nd Preliminary Final


B Irwin Waters Rutherford
HB Jackson Roberts McInnes
C Petropoulos P.Rosier Lindsay
HF Lang Fowler Clay
F Corry Boland Fusinato
R Hill Troutman Pollard
Int(from) Hillard Anderson Corrigan
Neville McPhie Dearaugo
Meadows Godfrey Allen

B McDonald Currie Dirago
HB Posar Valladares Yelland
C Bonaddio Jenkins Lincoln
HF Totevski Clark Soncin
F Dufficy Visser Dorman
R Meese Ballard Taglieri
Int(from)Toman D.Watson Coulson
Petroro Gleeson Drew
Marchbank Delahunty Cattapan

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"Blues" had a 100+ point win, from the report. Disappointing for Casey, but it shows how thin the list is spread when the Demons put their players out to pasture post season.

Go Borough!

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Casey Scorpions 1.0 2.2 4.2 5.2 (32)
Northern Blues 3.5 7.9 13.13 21.19 (145)

Casey Scorpions: Neville McInnes Jackson Corrigan Meadows
Northern Blues: Totevski 3 Soncin 3 Cattapan 3 Visser 2 Dorman 2 Clark 2 Lincoln 2 Gleeson Ballard Bonaddio Dufficy

Casey Scorpions: Neville Godfrey McInnes Rutherford Hill Irwin
Northern Blues: Jenkins Cattapan Meese Ballard Dufficy Soncin


* It's time to restore the VFA name.