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AFLV Development League 1st Preliminary Final Williamstown vs Port Melbourne(Sat)

B Witkowski Critchley McCallum
HB Masters Casley Jong
C Hoghton Mead Stockdale
HF McConnon Deery Woods
F Symes Veszpremi Gallucci
R Giles Greenwood Hetherington
Int(from) Huts Christodoulou Ball Nastasi Conway Dorgan Norton Walker Wyatt Burgess Polizzi Flack Hevern

B Mascitti Thoolen Plant
HB Fieldsend Gale Macmillan
C Papaleo Thornton Gordon
HF Smith Hammond C.Johnston
F Allan Pitt Whelan
R McMahon Woods Vearing
Int(from) Woodley McKenzie Breust Hayes T.Johnston Ward Raru Burstin Perry

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Possibly Ports strongest side for the season. Good to see Myles Pitt back in action. Had a shocker of a season with injury.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.