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Peter German to coach Lions!!!!

Paul Amy has tweeted that Peter German will coach the Coburg Lions next year. Announcement expected today.

It is believed to be a 2 year deal

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Will be what the burgers need. Great get.


Good. As a former EDFL coach German should have some links that get players to make the move.


Good. As a former EDFL coach German should have some links that get players to make the move.

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German won't be going to Coburg empty handed. Reckon there might be a few good players from EDFL, NFL and Calder cannons that will be keen. They also would need a couple of experienced afl players that have been delisted and missed out on draft. Of course they can't be spending big bucks to entice them. They should use Frankston as a model for players that want to be drafted will be given a good chance at a stand alone vfl team. Hope Coburg can do well next year and be at least competitive which I am sure they will under Peter German.


He's going to find it a bit of a culture shock; going from the Seagulls where he would have wanted for nothing to Coburg where they won't have the money top buy him a new clipboard!

Maybe after a few heavy losses, some of his trademark arrogance might not be quite so evident ..........

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I'll bring my own clipboard for him Mustang!

Excited to be working with him!

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Welcome to the site Mozzamaniac!

Really good appointment by the Lions. Hopefully he really recruits strongly. I'd love to see Coburg up and about in 2014.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Good luck to the Burgers Mozzamaniac. Germo will get the best out of his players.

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Wally from Will...
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good get by the Burgers but it puzzles me on a number of fronts:
1. if he is still contracted to the Bulldogs how can he coach an opposition club (slight conflict of interest!);
2. if he is not still contracted to the Bulldogs why didn't Willi keep him on as coach?
3. why didn't the Bulldogs grab him, an experienced successful coach with a pub in Footscray?

Strange all around .......