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New footy history website (VFA rep history)

G'Day All

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that my footy history site has launched:

The first update focuses on the VFA-VFL's role in representative/interstate football and includes:

- A full history of the VFA's involvement in rep footy (1877-today)
- Every rep match played by the VFA-VFL
- A list of VFA rep coaches and captains
- A list of VFA rep medal winners
- The VFA's record against all other rep opponents

The site includes no less than 24 new rep matches not previously mentioned elsewhere including a 1916 match between North Melbourne and the rest of the VFA played while the Association was in recess for WWI

My thanks go to three members of this site who were good enough to respond to my questions on here last year, helping to track down some missing info:

- vfa
- cobrascorer
- jamesh

All of you get a nod in the acknowledgements section ;)

There's plenty of new VFA info there so settle in and enjoy digging through it all.

Cheers, Easty

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Great work Easty

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Incredible. It took years for Easty to compile this info. It will take years to get through it.
And, there is so much stuff on "VFA Footy: the Halcyon Days.


Thanks very much Easty Just a wonderfull site for an old VFA supporter like me

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Terrific site.. Well done on what must have been a long time in the making.



Easty the 1986 Sandringham v Essendon preseason game at Windy Hill between the 1985 VFL VFA premiers was sort of a VFA team as I recall there were some other top VFA players on loan other than Ian Rickman and Mark Fotheringham from Willy playing for the Zebras to even things up as Essendon played a full side.

In the now VFL era Nick Sauntner also kicked 9 goals against WA at Port


Thanks, guys - it's been great to see the response to the site. The VFA's records have been ignored for far too long!

If we can educate footy fans who don't know anything other than the national comp and stir up the memories and passion amongst the old VFA supporters, it's a win/win.

There's much more to be added in the coming months, but for now I'll let everyone work their way through what's already posted.

Enjoy, and thanks for your feedback, it's always welcome.


Cheers, Billy - I've just confirmed it and Sautner's name has now been added to the relevant page.

There's 4 other rep games I haven't seen the goalkickers for:

1978 vs Qld
1980 vs NTFA
1980 vs SA
1982 vs GNFL (Cook kicked 10 but did anybody else get 7/8/9?)

If anybody here has the details can you confirm if anyone kicked 7 goals or more?

Re: the 1986 Sandy v Essendon match - I'm happy to update the info on the site, but I'll need concrete details of the other VFA players who took the field for Sandy (names/how many of them there were).


Easty I was at the Sandy v Dons match and I think there were more than two players from other clubs playing in the Sandy side that day.
I do recall that Ian Rickman did play pretty well and Sandy had a lot of the 1985 premiership team stars missing mainly through retirements.

The Zebras also didnt make the finals that season.
Maybe Zebraman or Blackrocker will have a better memory than mine.


Billy, you're spot on. I just found a report on the match in The Age online archives. No mention of the other players besides Rickman/Fotheringham but there was definitely more than two on loan that day.

I've amended the details of the match on the site and added the final scores/crowd.