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CH 7 will telecast the VFL next season

Some good news at last! looks like 1 pm Saturdays is the time

Channel 7 to broadcast VFL

A new era in Peter Jackson VFL television broadcasting will begin in 2015 with Seven Melbourne securing the exclusive free-to-air rights to the competition for the next two seasons.

Under the new agreement with AFL Victoria, Seven will show the VFL ‘Match of the Round’ live on Channel 7 in Melbourne every weekend throughout the regular season, as well as the VFL Legendairy Finals Series and Grand Final.

The move to Channel 7 will be the first change in television broadcaster for the competition since 1987, when the ABC first covered the then VFA finals, taking over the rights from ATV 10.

AFL Victoria General Manager Steven Reaper said it is positive news for the VFL competition that it will now receive free-to-air television coverage on a commercial network.

“The new agreement with Seven Melbourne will provide great exposure for our competition, clubs and related partners.

“A new television audience will now experience VFL football on a weekly basis, which will showcase a great standard of football and some of the best young talent on both VFL and AFL lists,” Reaper said.

“With a peak viewership of 301,000 for the 2014 Grand Final between Footscray and Box Hill Hawks, we look forward to working with Seven to further growing our already dedicated VFL audience next year.

“AFL Victoria would like to thank Lewis Martin and his team at Seven, along with Simon Lethlean and the broadcasting group at the AFL who have helped manage the development of this partnership.”

Managing Director of Seven Melbourne Lewis Martin said the new agreement adds to Seven’s long and proud association with broadcasting football.

“We’re thrilled to be broadcasting more live football to Victorians and adding to our blue-chip AFL and sports portfolio, while complementing our local grassroots football initiatives.

“And we’ll do it with the passion, insight and quality that have been the Seven tradition.”

The 2015 Peter Jackson VFL season will begin mid-April and run over 20 rounds, with the fixture set to be released by mid-December.

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Lewis Martin from Channel 7 said it will be 12:10pm on a Saturday except when they don't have a Saturday AFL game it will be at 2:10pm

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2.10pm is really good when there is no AFL clash. I'm wondering how it will work in September. Hopefully both days at 2.10pm with AFL games fixtures at night.



It's great news if this becomes a long-term partnership. Let's hope so.


Thanks to the ABC for their years of service in covering the VFL. I hope Channel 7 does the job to the standard that the best State League deserves.
Now can we all please request that the ABC retains all the games they have in their undoubted extensive library. We all cannot afford for another disaster like that which occurred when Channel 0/28 finished covering the VFA in the 80s. All those classic games and names destroyed. Tragedy.

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Most of the ABC games between 1987 and 2014 are around.
Most of the games are at ABC archives. You will find that the majority games from 1987 exist as Video recorders were around in 1987 unlike the late 60s until early 80s where video recorders were obscure. Most households had videos from early to mid 80s.
Beta and Umatic were there before VHD recorders in the mid to late 70s.
2015 will be the first time Ch7 has televised the old VFA now VFL comp since 1967 VFA GF.
C7 sport Optus Vision did televise Monday night games from VFL Park in 2000 as well as some curtain raiser games mainly from Princes Park and a few at MCG as well as Kardinia Park in 2001.

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Response to post #5:

It was ATV-0, which later moved to Ch 10 as ATV-10, which telecast VFA matches.
SBS was on Ch 0 and 28.


Thanks for the tidying up of my poor memory Cobra. Whomever destroyed it and for whichever channel, it was Australian history they vandalised.


Fixture due out just before Christmas

I am now pretty certain that Frankston will not have a TV game next season more than likely only side not to get a TV game.

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Maybe the Dolphins will get on a tv match when playing away games

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No tv station deemed VFL scores worthy of presentation during 2014 season. Even our ABC, which telecast VFL matches, dropped ALL other mention of the VFL.
Channel 7s crap about "We love our footy" meant that they loved AFL footy and no other footy at all. Their slogan was pure bullshit.
One can only hope that during 2015 season that Ch7 will provide scores of all other VFL matches, Saturdays and Sundays, in their News programs, (at least.)

For Saturday VFL games the final scores could easily be posted over the AFL delayed telecast. There should be no reason to not put VFL scores on during Sunday AFL telecasts.

Maybe the "CR" DL scores, strictly avoided by the ABC the last couple of seasons, could also be provided. (I've just checked, the pigs flying past have their lights on.)