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Noticed in a program guide:
Friday (tomorrow) 11am, NEAFL.
Thursday 29th, 7.30pm, NEAFL.
Both 2 hours.

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Sorry for steeling Wally's thunder in his post 'NT Thunder' of 08/01/2015.
I recorded yesterday's replay, starting at 10.55am. It had started early, so beware of advertised times for programs. I only watched bits of the very one-sided match. Very few spectators were seen. Only one or two cameras appear to be used. Scores were put on screen only at quarter, half, three-quarter and full time. There is a large NITV blob in lower left corner. At the game's conclusion the final scores were very briefly on-screen then that was it... no summing up, goalkickers or best players.
Still, it could be a fix for anyone starved of footy.


Have watched the games the past few weeks.

Footage seems to be from one camera which is the same as what coaches would get. I believe the NT Thunder stream games on the net.

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Oh, dear. In post #2 I misspelt "stealing". (Senior's moment).