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Dairy Bell ice cream closes

Owner Andre Razums was at one time a Camberwell official. His son played some games for the Cobras.

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That would be Karl Razums. He played in the later years of Camberwell's life in the VFA.

Wally from Will...
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under super coach Sam Keckovich?

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Andre Razums was vice-chairman in 1987 and 1988, at least.
Karl Razums played 3 senior games in 1986, 4 senior games in 1987 and got Encouragement Award, and 2 senior games in 1988. That is a total of 9 games. I can't find 1989 or 1990 Annual Reports.
Sam Kekovich was coach from 1987 season, so would have been Karl's coach.

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There was a grab on Camberwell struggling on the Channel 9 news one night. I can still hear coach Sam Kekovich in one grab yelling "Get Karl back there!" and frantically waving.



Karl Razums played 24 games for Camberwell in 4 seasons, (from 1986), and kicked 5 goals.



I can't find 1989 or 1990 Annual Reports.


Karl Razums definitely played at Box Hill in 1990. He didn't manage a senior game, just played in the reserves.


Good old Dairy Bell. Lived in Chadstone for a while in the '90's and my wife and I would sometimes stroll down Waverley Road after dinner and grab a dairy bell ice cream. Razums wore no 32 in 1987 for Camberwell and Dairy Bell was listed as a sponsor of the Cobra's (as was Mission Beach Resort (Cairns). In 1990 he wore no. 34 for Box Hill.

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