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Coburg climbs to fifth place on VFL ladder after second win from three outings to start 2015

From the Moreland Leader
Reported by Chris Cavanagh
Full article - Click here

IT IS a sight that has not been seen for some time.

Coburg — a club that has struggled for success since its golden days in the late 1980s — currently sits in the top-five on the VFL ladder in a clear sign that significant improvement is being made.

The Lions took care of Frankston on Saturday to make for a 2-1 start to the season, their other win coming against Richmond in Round 1 and their only loss coming to 2014 runner-up Box Hill in Round 2.

This time last year, the story was much different.

“We’re certainly not getting ahead of ourselves, that’s for sure,” Coburg coach Peter German said.

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I'm really thrilled to see a competitive Coburg side since biting the bullet and standing alone.

I think the crowd support hasn't really risen, but I can't imagine that their crowd numbers have dropped off since the move back to the VFA/VFL as the Lions.

German as coach was a really good appointment, and the club was getting really big numbers in the pre-season and I believe that they have worked really hard to build up relationships in the EDFL, Northern Footy League and through the Calder Cannons.

Hopefully they can sustain success and the club really begins to build back up again.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Crowd numbers have improved significantly since the alignment days, can guarantee you that there's more people attending games

Weren't many there on the weekend, not sure how TV affected that, but it was definitely down on the normal numbers that we've been having

Really have enjoyed working with Germo and the players the last 2 years, we're going in the right direction with a lot of fantastic players and a really good culture between the group!