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3AK to become a sports-only station
Last week 3AK was signed over to become a Sports-based radio station... Will this be a boost for the VFL, which seems to have trouble getting regular coverage in mainsteam media (aside from the ABC coverage)? Up unitl a few years ago 927/3UZ used to announce VFL selected teams. Perhaps, this will be a chance for team selections to return to radio, as well as regular club updates? Here's a snippet from The Age: [quote]Melbourne will soon have a second sports-only radio station after Data & Commerce Ltd agreed to lease out the radio licence now operated by 3AK. As of January 1, the newly formed Sports Entertainment Network will go head to head with the horse-racing-focused Sport 927, as well as the football-focused 3AW.[/quote] Read the full article at [url][/url] *edit - I can't spell
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