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Bendigo in strife?


Bendigo Gold Football Club

has put the future of the club in the hands of the Bendigo community


Gold chairman Tim Dickson and coach Aussie Jones told the players tonight that there is no guarantee the club will play in the Victorian Football League beyond 2013.

In its first year as a stand-alone club, the Gold is winless and staring down the barrel of a financial loss.

Dickson has announced a community campaign which will determine the embattled club's fate.

"The current model is not sustainable long term and the timing is right for all key stakeholders to determine if they want a VFL presence to remain in Bendigo,'' Dickson said.

"That's certainly not the outcome we want for the club and for VFL football in this city and central Victoria.

"We are hoping it's not the outcome the community and businesses would want, but it's a reality.

"It's time we asked the question and determined this issue for the future, we can no longer skirt around the edges and take one year at a time."

The deadline for the Gold is September 27 - AFL grand final eve.

"We are currently in discussions with some key stakeholders, and the outcome of these discussions will go a long way to determining our future,'' Dickson said.

"We will also require a commitment from the Bendigo community.

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"A webpage is currently being set up where the community can pledge there support by signing up for a 2014 membership, and businesses can also place an expression of interest for future sponsorship,

"The response to this will go a long way to determining the future of VFL in Bendigo and central Victoria.

"But, and it's a big but, if there's a lack of commitment and only limited support for our plans then unfortunately it's game over."

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