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Bendigo V Sandy
On a cold, windy and wet day at TEAC Oval the mighty zebs overcame a sluggish start to end up winning quite convincing winners... At one stage in the 1st 1/4 Bendigo had 8 scoring shots to 1 and were dominating the play... Rven though Sandy won I thought Ted Richards was BOG...his marking was crucial.... But in the end the zebs ran Bendigo off their legs... The weather turned ugly in the last 1/4 but the skilss weres till very good... Now we have Werribee V Sandy next week in the Grand Final..... The good thing for the zebs was there are no injuries and players such as Rigoni, Carroll and Nicholson should be available next week.... A good headache for the selction panel this week GO ZEBS...back to back?????...hopefully
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