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Box Hill / Hawthorn practice game March 12
Box Hill / Hawthorn practice game March 12 For the first 3/5ths of the match it was 'Hawthorn + Gooch' versus Box Hill (before the Box Hill seconds players took over). At the 2/5ths stage I had 'Hawthorn' about 4 or 5 goals up, but 6 goals in a row to 'Box Hill' in the 3rd fifth evened up the scores, which begs the obvious question; are the Box Hill players currently fitter than Hawthorn's? Most impressive for Box Hill was young gun Tim Harvey. Harvey was on fire in the 3rd fifth, booting at least 3 goals and beating Hawk rookie Josh Thurgood in the process. Overall a positive game for Box Hill, a disappointing one for Hawthorn (Boyle, Sewell and Kane excepted).
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