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Box Hill vs Willy
Another loss , but we're taking small steps towards getting it right. Some shocking kicking for goal really hurt us in the end , kicking 7.11 to 7.0 after half time shows just how many opportunities we had. Losing talls Josh 'Fergus' Thurgood (knee) and Simon Taylor (ill) early in the game didn't help our cause either. I was really pleased with the attitude of the group though. Andy Collins is working hard to turn this group of young suburban footballers and AFL rookies into a genuine team with a capitol T. Like the shampoo , it wont happen overnight but........... I thought Nangers was terrific ( he really drags the bit extra out for Willy ), Bails showed his class and determination again , Heighty again hit em hard and often , Rixy was superb in the ruck all day and Brenno really lifted and played a ripper up forward. Hawthorn guys Picioane , Bateman and McCabe showed their class and senior guys Clint Alleway and Pugs worked really hard up forward and down back respectively. The spirit of the club is really building and the guys just need to keep that going now and learn to finish a little better and our first win isn't far way. Congrats to Willy by the way who DID know how to finish and who had a couple of really good winners on the day. I thought Luke Jarrod was sensational , he has really stepped up this year and must be a chance to be rookied if he continues his improvement. he takes a beautiful mark this kid. Baldy was his usually reliable self in front of goal and leaders West and Lloyd steadied their ship when it was needed. Also must make mention of what is still one of the best aftermatches going round at Willy. Well done you bastards !!!!
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