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Club merchandise
What does your club sell in the way of merchandise? It is good to see little kids still running around in their VFA/VFL club jumpers. In recent years I think there seems to be fewer supporters in club jackets, less bumper stickers on cars, stubby holders etc. Is it a result of lower club memberships (fewer supporters) not making it economically viable to produce? Is the dominance of AFL branded products a factor, or the image that the competition isnt the same as the 70s and 80s, whereas now the VFL is seen more as a "feeder comp"? Or are supporters less passionate about their club these days? I still have a Camberwell badge, beanie and even a deck of Camberwell playing cards as well as other club merchandise from my days barracking for the mighty Cobras.. things that probably havent been sold at stands outside the grounds at finals for years now..
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