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Out with the old with the new eh ? Looking forward to seeing how Collo sets up his new coaching team. Will Darrin Pritchard and Paul Cooper make the transition from Mitcham with Collo ? Will Frank Lesiputty hold his ressies job ? Will the newly appointed development coach Dave Rogers ( ex Port Melbourne ) stay ? What happens to Libba's also newly appointed 'wog squad' ( his term !) in ex Coburg champs Vinnie Taranto and Steve Salvador ? Is this the end for Lazar Vidovic ???????? Who will join the new Hawthorn rookies....'Nugget' Shelton , Josh Thurgood , Shaun Bergin , Benny Clifton along with young senior list guys Zac Dawson, Harry Miller and recently promoted Stangers like Dougie Scott , Michael Rix and Matty Ball. Will young 'stalwarts' in Benny Heenan , Benny Neagle , Leigh Morse , Tyse Collins and Ryan Cassidy go around again ? These questions and more will be answered over the next few weeks , so watch this space . Footy's back !
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