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More BS from St Kilda

St Kilda now claiming the the Zebras are based at Moorabbin.

"The Dragons’ under-18 Talent League team and VFL club Sandringham Zebras are based at St Kilda’s Moorabbin home, and the Saints’ chief executive Simon Lethlean said they had “strong relationships” with them.



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The sooner sandringham get rid of st Kilda the better. Come on zebras join werribee, Williamstown, Frankston. Port Melbourne, coburg and Preston. Make it seven of us. Werribee are looking more likely as a premiership threat by the week.

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I can't think of anybody who would Not want to see Sandringham back as a genuine standalone club. 

As an opposition supporter it's sad to see. The crowd numbers are ok. But no real passion shown. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I heard that they wore st Kilda jumpers against richmond at punt road. Is that true?

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Sadly it is true.  Sandy did not fully  abandon their colours; they wore Sandy socks. 

Richmond wore yellow with black sash 

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Frankston v Sandy used to be my favourite VFA it means almost nothing. I genuinely feel for the Zebra fans who have watched their proud traditions slaughtered by the VFL basket case in St.Kilda. Is there no chance of reclaiming the club?