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Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere.....but I couldn't see anything.

Just saw that the Bullants have appointed former Carlton forward Rohan Welsh as their coach for 2024. That looks a pretty good appointment for the Ants. Now, hopefully Frankston can find a good one.

Rohan Welsh! Good get from a VFA perspective. Played for Dandenong as a forward before Carlton.



* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Adam Skrobalak has been renewed at the Borough I believe. He was certainly talking at the B&F about him being there for the 2023 campaign. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Just make him the head coach, Skrob has had a good go at it and Ryan did well with the group he had.

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Have to agree Mega. They have the wrong bloke as senior coach.


Danny Ryan to be senior assistant coach at Port Melbourne 


Werribee looking for a new coach as Michael Barlow has signed with North Melbourne as a development cosch

Jackson Kornberg is Frankston’s new coach on a 3 year deal

Any info on Jackson's history/background/experience

Jackson Kornberg was at Gold Coast most recently. VFL head coach in 2022 and AFL/VFL assistant coach this year. Also been involved in Carlton and North Melbourne's AFLW programs, as well as a decade spent at Sandringham Dragons, where he was head coach in 2021 (Sandringham were on top of the ladder when the season was cancelled, with a record of 8-1.) 

Seems like a pretty solid choice to me. We've got a lot of young talent on our list - including some recruited directly from the u19s league - so someone with coaching experience in that league is ideal. Also a bonus that he's also been part of a premiership-winning system in the VFL. 

I hope for two things......that he stays long enough to build, and that this club finally goes through a few years of stability. So sick of the bloody revolving door.

Career coaches are using the VFL as a stepping stone to the big league.

Frankston name new senior Coach. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Wonder why he left the Gold Coast? Reckon he would have wanted to stay there with Hardwick..

There needs to be some significant additions to the playing list for next year...not much good spending all that money on a new coach and then asking him to work with blunt tools.

Maybe he just really wants a senior coaching role. Maybe he has personal reasons for coming back to Melbourne. He spent a decade at Sandringham Dragons so it sounds like he has ties to the region, so maybe he just wanted to come home. 

Hopefully his appointment can draw some players in. One thing that Kornberg's been praised for is forming a bond with players and creating a culture where people enjoy playing. And that's something we desperately need at Frankston. We need to make it a place where people want to stay, not just a place to get drafted from. 

TBH, I was hoping for a higher profile coach who would attract players, but those guys on the selection committee know their stuff, so no doubt we got the best man.

I shudder when I see that business about 'forming relationships with players' Shouldn't they be worrying about whether he can coach or not? A couple of notables who were praised for building relationships were Skrobolack and Brendan Bolton - we all know how that worked

Forming relationships with players is one of the biggest aspects of whether someone can coach. Having strong buy-in and culture is every bit as important as game plan. You need both, obviously, but one without the other is a recipe for failure.

He's something of an unproven coach, but there are promising signs in my opinion. In his year of senior coaching at Sandringham Dragons the club was sitting on top at the time the seasons was called off, and last year he led Gold Coast reserves to a preliminary final. 

I understand perhaps wanting someone more established and proven, but to me Kornberg checks the right boxes for our list. He spent a decade involved with the Dragons and also spent time with Carlton and North Melbourne's AFLW programs, which is the experience you want in someone who's going to be coaching a young list (quite a few of whom were recruited out of the u19s league) and a women's program that's already developing well. He's spent a large chunk of his life involved in coaching and has had positive results in his admittedly short time as a senior coach. 

It's possible it won't work out, but we won't know until next season rolls around. For now I'm happy we've got a senior coach in time for him to start preparing for next year.

The Saints Sam Fisher has been announced as an assistant coach to Rohan Welsh over at the Bullants. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Interesting appointment !!

Hardly a clean skin !

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Was down at Frankston tonight to hear Jackson Kornberg address the room. Quite a few positives to take out of it: 

- One of Kornberg's main focuses is forming strong connections with the playing group. He made a really good point about this being a semi-professional league with part time footballers who also have a day job to manage (and not necessarily office jobs, some are also tradies putting in a day of physical labour) who then have to go up against full-time AFL players who would be far more rested leading up to the game. In a league like that, you need your club to be a place where players enjoy being at. 

- I was also very excited to hear the phrase "Frankston premiership" used. It's obviously an uphill battle to contend for a flag, and maybe we'll never get there, but it's very encouraging that premiership contention is on the agenda. 

- The club wants to have more Friday and Saturday night games as those tend to draw the best crowds. Saturday afternoons aren't ideal since they clash with local footy. Getting an Anzac Eve game is also on the agenda since our game against Port Melbourne this year was such a success. 

- Off the field, the club's now able to use the oval during the pre-season rather than having to move to alternate venues due to the turf being redone, which is a huge plus. We're generally not an easy beat on our own ground due to the unique shape so being able to train and host practice matches there during the preseason is an extra advantage. 

It was a god night at Frankston, around 70 members and fans there. Plenty to look forward to in 2024,

With his very poor record at Sandy as senior coach I don't Jake Batchelor going any higher!

Having now met both our new CEO Fraser Bayne and coach Jackson Kornberg, I have to say they're both very impressive. Engaging and attentive people both of them. Both have already shown a willingness to let their actions speak louder than words and are being very proactive about building into 2024. While I feel horribly pessimistic about the future of standalone clubs like ours in the VFL, I can't help feel some cautious optimism about where these two fellas can take us. I just hope they haven't arrived too late. Season 2024 should be an interesting ride at Frankston Park.