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Couple of practice match results..
Went and saw Sandy vs Werribee.. Werribee won very easily. I dont really know Sandy's side all that well, so couldnt tell you how strong a side they fielded... The Tigers had quite a few Bulldogs players in the side. Mitch Hahn and Cameron Faulkner both performed well.. Werribee won (as near as I can tell) 12.6 to 3.4 Hahn kicked 4 or 5, and Faulkner 3. Michael Turner and a bloke in jumper no. 41 on Werribees list looked good. The Port and Willy game was mostly a Roos v Pies practice match, with Port winning 12.5 to 6.10. Hamish McIntosh and Kris Shore both looking good. Sam Troon was useful on the wing. Anthony Rocca kicked a couple of goals.
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