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Favourite VFA clubs
In the old days especially with 2 Divisions, most of us had 2 maybe 3 clubs that we followed. You had your main team, a side from the other division and maybe another team that you didn't mind. Also what made you follow your VFA club/s. My teams are as follows and are in order (1) Northcote- Was my number one team. Had cousins that lived in Northcote and picked the Dragons as a kid. Great memories of Rodney Hogg, Brendan McArdle amd Stawell Gift winner Trevor McGregor running around. (2) Williamstown- picked out the seagulls as I liked their jumper and ground. Early memories were great players like Dallas Patterson. Kevin Jackman, Les Stillman and of course dallas Patterson. (3) Sunshine- watched them win in 1971 and liked the crows as they were battlers. Played a couple of reserves matches for the crows in 1982.
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