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finals eligibilty ...

I noted with some mirth on page 12 of last week's VFL record, a story entitled 'Which of your club’s AFL-listed players still need to qualify for the Legendairy VFL Finals Series?'

Ironically the first name listed is none other than Ben McEvoy, but the article goes on to say that: To qualify to play in the VFL finals:
- Players need to have played in at least one VFL or
Development League match in 2015;
- Players need to have played in at least six total
VFL/Development League matches in 2015 if they’ve played in an AFL match after July 1; and
- Players cannot have played in more than 12 AFL
matches in 2015.

After last year's fiasco, why bother with this? The precedent has been set, so in reality an AFL club need only apply to the VFL & an unqualified player will be able to suit-up for the VFL finals.

In addition, how was Daniel Wells allowed to play for Werribee DL side last weekend when he is a designated Rooster player? It's a rhetorical question as the answer is obvious, the VFL just make it up as they go along & bend over to the AFL and its clubs at any opportunity.