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Fix the Fixture
Just a few fixturing things, what do people think? Box Hill 2s playing at Sandringham, with the Box Hill seniors at Box Hill. Box Hill playing the Northern Bullants on the same day as Hawthorn at the MCG. Williamstown 2s playing at Punt Road, with their seniors at Williamstown. Sandringham playing the Northern Bullants when Melbourne play West Coast (Mothers day). And to come soon: Melbourne v St Kilda on the same day as Springvale v Sandringham Do we reckon that the VFL can work the fixture out next year so that these sorts of clashes don't occur? The Springvale/Sandringham one in a months time is a shocker. We hear that they want crowds, but they fixture clashes. We see VFL coaches act as assistants in AFL sides (eg Brad Gotch), so what happens when they double up? I'm sure the fixturing is hard, and VFL clubs want Sunday games, but what do you supporters think?
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