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Fixture Change for Bullants and Hawks
Just a note to let all Northern Bullants and Box Hill Hawks fans know that the round 9 game which was to be played on May 30th at Princes Park as a curtain raiser to the AFL match between Carlton and St Kilda has now been moved to May 29th and will be played at Cramer St. The ressies game between these two sides which was to be played in round 12 will now be played on the 29th as a curtain raiser and the round 9 bye for these tow sides will be moved to round 12......clear as mud ??? So the details for round 9 are now : Seniors at 2pm on Sat 29th May at Cramer St. Ressies at 11.10am on Sat 29th May at Cramer St. Oh , I guess you all realise by now that this was brought about by Carlton deciding to transfer their game to the Docklands Theatre Complex !
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