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In a recent post reference was made to attendances at Frankston v Geelong games.
Its certainly a long way to travel, and back in the 1980's Geelong West players were getting jack of having to travel back from places like Dandenong, Springvale and Frankston late on Sunday nights, and then having to get up and work Monday mornings. Consequently Roosters tended to lose players to the GFL, because they could play Saturdays in Geelong.
Biggest crowd I found was Frankstons first year in the 1st division when 8,000 (paying $3,106) saw the home game against Geel W. Generally after that the average crowd between these 2 was about 3,000. In 1984 they played in the 1st division preliminary final, but on a wet, miserable day only 2,645 (including me)turned up at the Junction Oval (whereas on the same day 10,736 turned up at Toorak Park to see Box Hill crush Oakleigh in the Div 2 Grand Final).