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Inside Football - 18/02/04 Issue
A snapshot of the confirmed key VFL signings / departures (most already detailed on the club boards), - Port have signed Steve Lawrence (St Kilda), Ben Finnin (Geelong), Ben Schwarze (St Kilda) and have retained Nick Gill (Kangaroos rookie) - Coburg have signed Ryan O'Connor (Port Magpies), Matt Caruso (Calder), Adam Cosham (Calder), Justin Crotty (Calder), Alex Isailovic (Box Hill), Sean Bourke (Geelong Falcons) and Travis Jorgeson (Geelong rookie). Departed are Kristian de Pasquale (Port Magpies) and Simon Hart (East Burwood). - Box Hill have signed Clint Alleway (Kangaroos rookie), Daniel Breese (Melbourne), Simon Taylor (Tasmania), Brendan Rinaldi (Mitcham), Chris Wilson (Blackburn / ex Oakleigh Chargers), Steve Bailey (Donvale), Nick Kane (Eastern), Josh Moore (Eastern) and Brendan Weinart (Eastern). - Bendigo have signed Gary Moorcroft (Melbourne), Ryan Webster (East Perth), Jordan Doering (Tassie), Brad Comer (Pioneers), Darren Atkinson (Pioneers), Kain Robbins (Eaglehawk). Jim Cail has departed for St Mary's Geelong. Others to leave are Daniel Schmidt, Mark Brown, Brad Eaton and Ben Doherty. - Sandringham have signed Rod Crowe (Kangaroos), Andrew Mills (Richmond),and Sean O'Keefe (Carlton). Departed are Heath Tregear, David Robbins, Mark Haynes, Mark Ainley, Damien Lynch, Lachie Oakley and ruckman Chris Bryan to Frankston. - Brent Grigc (Geelong / Melbourne) has decided not to play VFL and has signed with Bell Park.
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