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Josh Fraser coaching the Bullants in 2021

An excited Josh Fraser met with us recently and explained what it was like to finally be back with the Ants. Josh said that “ there were a lot of emotions being back with the Bullants. It was thought to be dead and buried, to have a pre-season underway before christmas was something we didn’t think was going to happen.” 


Josh then went on to explain the difficulties that he and others have faced to make this happen. “It took a lot of work, there are a lot of things that go into keeping a footy club alive”. Josh said he has “been close enough to the process and seen the inner workings of it.” He believes “all of Preston and northern bullants people should be proud and excited about the club returning as a standalone club.”


Josh was quick to add that it’s not only him putting in the work, he also acknowledged the players for remaining loyal. Josh, when asked about the player’s commitment, stated that he was impressed with the character that was shown. He knew that they “were approached by clubs about playing somewhere else however they all stuck together and wanted to commit to the cause.” Josh then detailed that “they’ve resisted those urges because they want to be a part of something from the ground up.”


When asked about the direction of the playing group in 2021, Josh stated that the finer details are still being tweaked however he knows that “we’ll invest heavily in individual development and the growth of us as a footy club.” When it comes to targets “those things will become clearer as we move forward, particularly with an extended preseason after christmas, we’ve got a little bit of time to make sure that we identify those things that we want to target as important measures and launch from there.”


Josh also acknowledged that 2021 would be full of challenges. He said that “We’re going to embrace and adapt to all challenges, there’s no doubt we’re coming from further back than other clubs, but in the same breathe, there’s a lot of excitement around us and what we’re building, there’s somewhat of a blank canvas plus we have a lot of history and tradition behind us.”


When wrapping up Josh made sure to add that he’s amazed by the all round support everyone’s putting forward. He said “I’d like to just give a thankyou to the broader northern suburbs community, the vfl community and anyones that’s supported this push to get the footy club back up and running.” He expressed that if it weren’t for the board, squad, staff, supporters, corporate sponsors and broader community this would not be possible.”. 


The Northern Bullants media team will be posting more content going forward. Stay tuned to our social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates going forward! 



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